The Executive Jane™ Experience

Chicago based women executive groups who are passionate about leadership. Not a one-fits-all program for leaders but a challenging and compelling experience for Directors and Vice Presidents who desire community on their journey.

The Chair

An executive and leadership development coach who is a former CEO and business owner of a multi-million dollar hospitality management organization who has been there and done that.

Dear Leader,

As a former CEO and President of my own company, I know that the best leaders are incurable learners. They have an insatiable appetite for leadership development and relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their minds, broaden their horizons and expand their hearts. One way that happens is to be with and learn from other leaders. Together we raise the value of leadership on behalf of women and “lead with all diligence” for those who follow us so that they are better leaders. 

As the founder, here is the bottom line:  “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Women who join Executive Jane™ are transformed through a unique process that helps them define their leadership and live a more intentional life.

I invite you to join!

Kathryn M. Tack, Founder and Chair
Executive and Leadership Development Coach

The Members

Custom-tailored to meet the needs of Directors and Vice Presidents. This group is for executives who are motivated to develop a more integrated life.   A catalyst for executive women to lead the life they intended and to be more fulfilled because they are understood and celebrated.


“With Kathryn’s coaching, I was able to define my leadership vision and evolve into a more self-aware and confident leader.  The Executive Jane group has been a safe platform for gaining different perspectives on leadership issues. It is inspiring and rejuvenating to be with a group of engaged and supportive women leaders.”
-Sandra W. Blakemore, Brand Director, ConAgra Foods


“As the Chair of Executive Jane, Kathryn Tack is a pioneer in empowering women to discover, nurture and activate the (strength and) direction of their leadership.”
-Chelli Look, President and Owner of CHC


“Executive Jane is, at the same time, the most selfish and the most generous four hours I spend all month. Selfish in that I am wholly focused on my own leadership and career, pushing myself, setting goals and achieving them.  Generous in that the other powerful, successful women who sit around the table are also focused on my career, sharing their wisdom, insight and struggle with me as I share with them.”

-Stacy French Reynolds, Business Advisor at Anchor Advisors



The Executive Jane™ Philosophy

Our edge is creating and convening an event dedicated to raising the value of your leadership.

Our process is a life-giving community for leaders and a pathway to live your life’s work. You begin with discovering your authentic leadership and develop a plan to stay on course, no matter how difficult the challenges you face. You set the agenda with your own personal board of directors made up of like-minded women executives who convene for the purpose of confronting high priority relevant topics, obtain wisdom and discernment and then set a course of action for change.

Our goal is authenticity. Authenticity is the hallmark of leadership. We need people around us to whom we can look for support and advice, who can help us develop and become better leaders in our work, our communities and our families. We want to be open and vulnerable; but who can we rely on to have our best interests at heart and maintain our confidentiality? We need a small group of people with whom we can have in-depth discussions and share intimately about the most important things in our lives.

We call these groups Executive Jane™ because we are every day women executives who support one another to define our unique leader brand and intentionally follow our true north.


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